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Now your entire team can be super-sellers!  Bring Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) In House.

Sales Association Members Earn Distinguished Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) ™

What's the Fluff About Soft Selling Skills?

If salespeople focus strictly on product knowledge and sales techniques, they have a one in sixty four chance of connecting with the customer. There are four basic components of an effective sales skills equation. Take away any piece of the equation and you lose a quarter of your sales advantage.

If You Need A Better Sales Process, Ask a Super-Seller!

Sales process? You just get out there and sell, right? It’s true that top salespeople make it seem that easy. Yet, if you dissect their game plan, you would likely find that they have a clearly defined process, one that helps guide their strategy and behavior.

"DVR Learning offers the most comprehensive training programs available. Their training materials are detailed for the instructor and make learning fun for the participant. Most importantly, I have seen results both in attitude and sales performance."

- Deb M., Hydrite Chemical Co.

"I can see a lot of difference in my sales since I took the course [CSC] and I am making more money."

- Tim C., Tulsa New Holland

Sales Tip!
    Simply acting on buying signs will close the majority of sales. Closing signs include: When the buyer leans forward, when the buyer asks specific questions, the customer gives you verbal or visual acceptance signs (such as asking you to explain something again, or nodding in agreement.)